About Us

Many Californians mistakenly believe a criminal conviction keeps them from voting. Politicians bet on that to win elections.

BASIC VOTING RIGHTS for those who have a criminal conviction:

  • If you have a misdemeanor conviction, you can ALWAYS vote.
  • If you have a felony conviction, you CAN vote if:
  • You are on probation OR
  • You are on post-release community supervision OR
  • You are on mandatory supervision OR
  • You are serving a county jail sentence under Realignment OR
  • You have completed parole OR
  • You are on parole.

Put another way: the only time you CANNOT vote in California is when you are currently serving a state or federal prison sentence.

ACLU California Action

ACLU California Action works with ACLU NorCal, ACLU SoCal, and ACLU SDIC to protect and expand Americans’ freedom to vote. We advance the democratic process by reducing barriers to registration and turnout among under-represented groups. ACLU has been fighting voter suppression in the courts, Congress, and state and local legislatures for decades.

All of Us or None

All of Us or None (AOUON) is a grassroots civil and human rights organization fighting for the rights of formerly- and currently-incarcerated people and our families. The goal of All of Us or None is to strengthen the voices of people most affected by mass incarceration and the growth of the prison-industrial complex. We are continually confronting legislative and legal challenges that threaten the voting rights of formerly-incarcerated people.

League of Women Voters

The League of Women Voters of California (LWVC) is a nonpartisan political organization that builds informed and active participation in the democratic process, works to expand the voting public and ensure that it reflects California’s diversity, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.

Pillars of the Community

Pillars of the Community is committed to embracing and celebrating the historic, rich, and diverse culture of Southeast San Diego. We strive to counter the criminalization of our community through community organizing, leadership development, and strategic partnerships. Our vision is for a healthy and thriving Southeast San Diego which reflects the rich and diverse culture of all its members.